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Incorporating Services

The ease and speed with which a business is incorporated can vary based on State, the company name and category of business activity.

When incorporating an ordinary corporation or LLC, the average processing time is around 1-2 days.

The state fee to incorporate depends on the state.

If the company is not an ordinary corporation or LLC, the incorporation process time can be quite slow.

For example, if the business name or business purpose fall into the category of professional services, the incorporation process time could be delayed extra weeks or months, as consent is requested from the appropriate board or department.

Often, the state department requires a copy of the individual's professional license in order to obtain such consent. Additional fees may also be required to apply for consent. 



About us

Network Solution and Tax Consulting offers a comprehensive set of tax-related services. When dealing with this service, you only work with IRS enrolled agent, who can speak directly about the IRS Rules and Regulations and how it applies to your case.

When working with its clients, Network Solution follows a basic four-step process.

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