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Audit Defense

When a company or individual is selected for an IRS audit the immediate reaction is often times unpleasant. There is panic, fear and anxiety about the process, what the IRS is looking for and whether there will be a large assessment of penalties or fees. When dealing with the IRS and other regulatory agencies it’s important to have an experienced and professional representative that understands how to effectively represent your interests in an audit or other situation. Network Solution & Tax Consulting Inc. has significant experience providing representation before the IRS providing clients with the highest level of service possible. Whether you are facing an audit for the first time or are dealing with an ongoing issue, we can help.

The IRS is extremely complex and it is no surprise that so many people run into tax problems each year. There are many different problems that taxpayers run into for various different reasons. The IRS understands that problems do arise and they have created methods to make things easier on individuals. The IRS is willing to work with individuals on resolving their tax problems as long as they are upfront about their problem and make the appropriate tax filings to correct the situation. Even if there is a problem that exists that the IRS does not have a solution for, there are tax professionals that can help. So if you think there is no way out, you can be assured there is a solution to every tax problem out there.

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About us

Network Solution and Tax Consulting offers a comprehensive set of tax-related services. When dealing with this service, you only work with IRS enrolled agent, who can speak directly about the IRS Rules and Regulations and how it applies to your case.

When working with its clients, Network Solution follows a basic four-step process.

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