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IRS Enrolled Agent Company in New York City
Listen, Solve, and Do.
Consultation Is Free, Advice Might Be Priceless!!!



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Audit Defense

Whether you are facing an audit for the first time or are dealing with an ongoing issue, we can help.
Fully Tax Deductable Pension Plan.
Phone call is free, outcome might be priceless.

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IRS Leans, Levies,
Wage Garnishments

Even if you can’t pay your tax debt in full immediately, there are many programs and legal strategies we can help you pursue to end IRS penalties and interest.

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Offer in Compromise

The tax consultants and IRS Tax Pros at Network Solution and Tax Consulting have years of experience in negotiating Offer in Compromise settlements.

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Tax Deducted Retirements
Life Insurance

Envision Your Retirement: To get anywhere in life and achieve success, you need a vision of success. Start by envisioning what you see as a successful and financially secure future in retirement.

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Why Network Solution and Tax Consulting?

Clients choose Network Solution and Tax Consulting and stay with us, many for decades and across multiple generations.

Our clients know that the Network Solution and Tax Consulting team will listen to their issues, solve their problems, and execute the solution to the highest degree.

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  • Alex S.
    image I have been a successful business owner for many years. Ever since I could remember with my prior accountant I have been paying late fee penalties for my Payroll Taxes, Sale Taxes, and Corporate Taxes, etc. Since I found Network Solution & Tax Consulting Inc, I don’t have to worry about any penalty notice; they have been on top of every Tax Payments and always answer my phone calls when I have any questions or concerns. I am so glad I found such an extraordinary, friendly, and professional staff to trust with my business!
  • Robert P.
    image I owed the IRS for the year 2010 and the years following, which accumulated to around 20k in debt. As my luck, someone introduce me to Network Solution & Tax Consulting Inc, who then took on my case. Using their expertise, they established an affordable payment plan with the IRS. This payment plan helped me payoff my debts dating all the way back to 2010. From this day on, I trust that my taxes will be in great hands with the excellent staff at Network Solutions & Tax Consulting Inc!
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About us

Network Solution and Tax Consulting offers a comprehensive set of tax-related services. When dealing with this service, you only work with IRS enrolled agent, who can speak directly about the IRS Rules and Regulations and how it applies to your case.

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